2018 Military Christmas Grants

The Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation is proud to announce that we will be giving Military Christmas grants this December in honor of Nick Murphy and his sacrifice, commitment and bravery.

Nick with buddies after boot camp.jpg

These Christmas grants will go to military families to help them with needed money for Christmas gifts, monthly expenses, or any other financial needs they may have this holiday season. They are a thank you from the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation and the Murphy Family for all of the hard work, sacrifice, commitment and bravery our men and women of the Armed Forces and their families exhibit each and every day to keep all of us safe and secure. We cannot thank you enough for your service. These Christmas grants are a small token of our appreciation for your efforts and for the sacrifices of your families.

We could use some help in funding these 2018 Military Christmas Grants.

If you, your family or your company would like to donate specifically toward these 2018 military grants, please do so at our Donate page here. If you, your family or your company would like to be recognized for your donation, any individual, family or company that donates $500.00 or more will have the specific military grant named after them (and the family receiving the military grant will know specifically who donated the funds for their specific grant and you will receive recognition for same). It is our way of saying thanks personally to those military families that sacrifice so much. Please join us in supporting these 2018 Military Christmas Grants. All money raised will be given out this month.

If you or a family member is in the Armed Forces and wants to apply for one of these Military Christmas Grants, please apply online with the button below or email the following content to G. Edward Murphy at gedwardmurphy@nickmurphyfoundation.org. When emailing him to apply, please copy and paste these questions and answer them to the best of your ability. We will be giving out these grants on or before December 17, 2018, in time for Christmas. Thank you again for your service. You may also nominate a special family by emailing email G. Edward Murphy at gedwardmurphy@nickmurphyfoundation.org with all relevant details.

 2018 Military Christmas Grant Application


Name and Full Address:

Branch of Service and Service History:


Family Names and Ages:


Why are you requesting this grant?


Community Service or Involvement:


What makes you "The Man (or Woman) in the Arena"?


Please send photos of your family and yourself as well, if possible.


Please email us as soon as possible before December 17, 2018 to be considered for a grant. Thank you for your service.