The primary purpose of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation is to provide free and reduced rate divorce, custody, child support and family law legal services to veterans and active duty members of the Armed Forces through the Nicholas J. Murphy Military Legal Clinic. Currently, that work is being provided free of charge or for a reduced rate 20% discount in partnership with and through the legal services of the attorneys and paralegals at the law firm of Murphy & Dunn. In addition, we are also providing college scholarships to deserving student-athletes and providing financial support to veteran and active duty members of the Armed Forces at Christmas time each year through our Military Christmas Grant Program. 

Nick's Foundation provides free and reduced rate family law legal services to deserving families with a connection to the Armed Forces who need divorce, custody, child support and other family law related legal services, provides educational scholarships and financial support to high school and college student-athletes to advance their college and graduate school education, and provides military grants to help members of the Armed Forces and their families with needed help at Christmas, all in honor of our son, Nicholas James Murphy, who was killed on November 19, 2016 while serving in the United States Navy.