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On November 19, 2016, Red Cross Heartland Hero Nicholas J. Murphy saved the life of his friend and fellow Navy Seaman, Breona Mackoff, by pushing her out of the way of a speeding motor vehicle that took his life in a tragic accident in Pensacola, Florida. By sacrificing his own life to save hers, Nick was killed. In addition, Nick’s unselfish sacrifice also saved numerous other families by six of his organs being donated successfully to five other gravely ill donor recipients. Nick’s legacy of sacrifice, bravery and commitment continues to inspire others today through the work of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation. To see his story, play the video below.

The purpose of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation is to provide financial support, grants and scholarships to individuals, families, and charitable organizations for educational, military, legal and charitable giving. Our Foundation provides educational scholarships and financial support to high school and college student-athletes to advance their college and graduate school education, provides military grants to help members of the Armed Forces and their families with needed help, provides free and reduced rate legal services to deserving families with a connection to the Armed Forces who need family law and related legal services through the law firm of Murphy & Dunn, and provides monetary gifts and donations to charitable causes that assist children, all in honor of our son, Nicholas James Murphy, who was killed on November 19, 2016 while serving in the United States Navy. 

We have four major goals at Nick's Foundation:

Educational Scholarships

Military Grants & Scholarships

Pro Bono Clinic for Military Families

Charitable Giving for Children

From the Murphy Family


Thank you everyone for your prayers and support. Our family, friends and community have all been unbelievably supportive in getting the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation financially up and running by donating money and supporting this Foundation so we can start helping people who need it most. In this first year after Nick's death, we raised over $160,0000.00 in total pledges, had 184 golfers play in the inaugural 2017 "Fairways for the Armed Forces" golf outing on June 12, 2017, gave out nineteen military grants and financial awards, gave out five substantial educational college scholarships for students attending college, have completed 15 pro bono legal cases and completing over $82,000.00 in free legal work for military families through the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation Pro Bono Clinic at Murphy & Dunn, P.C., and donated $5,000.00 to Almost Home Kids through the Children's Hospital of Illinois. We have also paid out over $50,000.00 through your generous donations to build the Nicholas J. Murphy Memorial Press Box located at Dunlap High School in honor of Nick Murphy. We are giving it back and "Paying it Forward," and the community is responding. 


nick murphy family


Nick Murphy was a true hero and we are very proud of him. Please help us "Pay It Forward" in honor of his life and his legacy.


With gratitude,

Theresa, Ed, Grant, Alec, Nick and Delaney Murphy

Nick's Book

The Big Event

The Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation is proud to announce that the 2017 "Fairways for the Armed Forces" golf outing to honor Nick Murphy and to raise money for the educational, military, legal and charitable donations, grants and scholarships given out by Nick's Foundation was a complete success. This past summer we raised over $50,000.00 in net proceeds. This inaugural golf outing was held on June 12, 2017 at Mt. Hawley Country Club. 

We are now accepting donations, sponsorships and player registrations for the 2018 event! Click the button below for details and to register for the 2018 outing.

Thank you to Pat Clark Productions for the wonderful video of the event. The 2018 outing will be even bigger and better and will be held on June 11, 2018 at Mt. Hawley. Click on the link below to see the video. Wait until the end and watch all of it to see Nick himself playing golf with his Dad. That was the last weekend they spent together in September, 2016.