One of the major goals at Nick's Foundation is to provide educational scholarships and financial support to high school and college student-athletes to advance their college education.

As part of that financial support, in June 2017 and in June 2018, the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation gave out a total of ten $2,500.00 scholarships (for a total disbursement of $25,000.00) to deserving student-athletes. We originally were going to give out two scholarships per year, one $2,500.00 scholarship to a female student-athlete and one $2,500.00 scholarship to a male student-athlete, graduating from Dunlap High School in honor of Nick Murphy's academic and athletic career prior to him joining the United States Navy. However, due to the success of the Foundation's fundraising efforts, and due to the fact that we had so many deserving student-athletes apply, we were able to "Pay it Forward" by increasing the total scholarships from two to five and the total college funds distributed from $5,000.00 to $12,500.00 per year.

Please check out the video below to hear more from Nick’s big brother, Grant Murphy. Thank you, everyone, for your continued support.

The scholarship recipients were chosen by the Murphy Family (Ed, Theresa, Grant, Alec and Delaney Murphy) based on nominations made by the student-athletes themselves, and by paying extra attention to the players attitude, hustle, support, work ethic and their overall contribution to the team, the school and the community. Nick Murphy was never the biggest guy on the team, but he always had the biggest heart, the best hustle and cared the most about his coaches and fellow players in making them the best they could be. He never shied away from a challenge and he never "sat on the sidelines" in anything he did. He always gave 100% and was always "The Man in the Arena".  

We are pleased to announce the five college scholarship winners for 2017, with each person receiving a $2,500.00 payment toward their college tuition, were Trey Rohman, Jhonny Ghantous, Jena Brooks, Nate Hinnen and Hunter Mitchell, and the five college scholarship winners for 2018 were Zachary Stirnaman, Sage Bessert, Clara Fitzpatrick, Matthew Pichaske and Jackson Frank.  Congratulations to all of these fine student-athletes. We will be following your college careers and are very pleased to help you in reaching your goals and dreams. 

2018 Nick Murphy Schlorship Winners .jpg

Please help support our high school and college student-athletes by donating to the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation. All donations, no matter how small, are welcome and appreciated and make a huge difference in making these college scholarships possible. You can donate by clicking on this Donation Page link or by sending your check made payable to the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation to 456 Fulton Street, Suite 425, Peoria, Illinois 61602. If you, your company or your organization is interested in joining us or partnering with us on this endeavor, please let us know. Nick Murphy loved playing baseball from the time he was five years old through high school. He also loved his time in the Navy trying to become a Navy SEAL and his years prior to joining the Navy training to become a Navy SEAL. These educational scholarships for student-athletes will be a big part of the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation and we are proud to be able to give them out.

You can contact us by emailing G. Edward Murphy at, by calling (309) 674-5551 for the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation, or donate through the link below.