Irish Fest Happy Hour 5K Run to Benefit the Nick Murphy Foundation

We at the Foundation would like to extend a very heartfelt thank-you to Dr. Matt McMillin for his sponsorship of the Happy Hour 5k Run for the Peoria Irish Fest on August 24. Proceeds of the race will go to the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation at his request.

(That is so awesome, and we truly appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts.)

Want to join us?

Irish Fest 5K Details:

August 24, 2018, 6pm
Start/Finish at Riverfront Park

The flat course follows the Illinois River, starting and ending on Riverfront Park grounds.

Each participant will receive:

– 1 free entry to Peoria Irish Fest
– 1 souvenir pint glass (first 200 entries only)
– 2 beverage tickets


Sign up online through Aug. 22 for $30.

Packet Pickup and Last-Minute Signup ($35):
Running Central – Thurs., Aug. 23: 4-6 pm
Gateway Building – Fri., Aug. 24: 5-530 pm

Register here.

Theresa and I are not runners, but we decided we are going to start and this race will be our first 5K. Let’s see how many people we can get signed up for this race and show them what a great group of people support Nick’s Foundation.

Come join us for the run and a drink afterwards at Irish Fest. What a fun night it will be.

Now we need to get into running shape.

As Nick always said, nothing is impossible and we believe it. Thank you Matt. You have been a great friend and we can never pay you back for all of your support.

- Ed and Theresa

nick great photo.jpg

And on that note...

God winks. Nick Murphy winks.

I have no doubt that I will see Nicholas James Murphy again. Once again, his presence is made known to me and he continues to let us know that he is OK in heaven.

As I mentioned above, Dr. Matt McMillin is hosting a Happy Hour 5K for the Peoria Irish Fest. The proceeds will benefit the Nicholas J. Murphy Foundation. A couple of weeks ago, we ran into Matt and his wife, Chris, at dinner. They came over to us and told us another crazy story about Nick and his connection.

When Nick was younger, he was best friends with Ben Barkley and played and went swimming at their house. The Barkleys later moved away and sold their house to the McMillans. The McMillans have lived in that house for several years now.

Recently, after Matt and Chris decided to make Nick‘s Foundation the beneficiary of the 5K race, Chris was cleaning out one of her closets and came across a piece of plastic turned upside down against the wall at the back of the closet by the baseboard. She picked it up and found Nick’s YMCA identification card from when he was a little kid.

Seriously, what are the odds of that happening? 

Slim to none and slim is gone.

nick murphy ID.jpg

They sent me a copy of the ID. In my mind this is just another example of Nick reaching out to us and letting us know that he is safe in heaven. Pretty amazing and pretty cool. Thanks, Nick, for keeping us posted that you are doing fine. We are doing well also and will continue to live by the goal to "Be The Man In The Arena" just like you were. We love you.

- Dad